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Evaluation of Arachnophilia 3.9

The following is my evaluation of Arachnophilia as it would pertain to a non-developer audience. This evaluation is relatively simple in that Arachnophilia is freeware and fairly simple to learn. There are, however, the three basic parts.

I begin with the Pros and Cons that I've documented over the past few years. Next, the How to Buy section contains the web site where Arachnophilia is found. Last, is the audience evaluation where this product is rated as to its usefulness for the intended audience.

Pros   Cons
  • Able to post to a web site files that are updated within a specific period of time
  • Multi-file search and replace, but limited in space
  • Customizable toolbars to add/delete any functions/tags you choose
  • Has a preview mode to see pages with different browsers
  • Price is free
  • Wrap around tag insert capability (like HomeSite)
  • Limited syntax checker
  • No import function from web sites - files need to be on a local hard drive
  • No style tags built into the menus
  • Code/text driven - no graphical editing capabilities
  • Cleanup function not very noticeable in the editor, and not adjustable to number of spaces or tabs desired
  • Preview does not pick up includes, linked style sheets, or any external elements
  • Manual syntax fixing required
How to Buy Arachnophilia
Arachnophilia is freeware and may be downloaded from their web site: It is available for most Windows platforms (Windows 95/98/NT).
Intended Audience
This product is a good first editing tool for people beginning to learn HTML editing. It comes with a lot of the basic HTML tags which can be placed with the click of the mouse. Beyond simple editing of HTML code however, its functionality is fairly limited. With only text editing capabilities, the editor must know what they want to accomplish and more importantly how to code it. There is very basic help with JavaScript, ASP, and style sheets, but not enough to start from scratch.

In general, I would not recommend this as a primary editing tool for a non-developing audience because of its limitations. I wish I could say more about Arachnophilia, but it is a fairly simple tool and doesn't lend itself to too much analysis.