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Latest News: 05.28.2020 - I've removed the trip reports for personal reasons. The same could be said about the photo pages; it was time to burn the dead wood. Also, my résumé is out of date so it too has been temporarily disconnected.

The other pages here are generally for my reference. When I listen to Web casts from different time zones I don't want to have to think what will be the time here when the broadcast begins. For this reason I created a U.S. time zones page. It uses PHP to calculate time in each of the U.S. time zones taking Daylight Savings Time into account - hopefully.

Calendars are always in short supply and when you need one it's nice to have it at your fingertips. The calendar page features both the 2000 and 1999 calendars with their respective holidays and other observances.

Updated: 05.28.2020