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Saturday, July 20, 2024

News from the Professional Front
05.28.2020 - You might have noticed that CISWeb is no more. The machine was reclaimed in an effort to reduce the number of non-production servers floating around CIS. The CIS Website Re-design Project is still underway. This one will 'radically' change the look and function of the existing site. With CIS access you may view the work in progress. I also co-manage the email address posted throughout the CIS site.

On A Personal Note
05.28.2020 - I've removed the trip reports for personal reasons. The same could be said about the photo pages; it was time to burn the dead wood. Also, my résumé is out of date so it too has been temporarily disconnected.

With January 1, 2000, come and gone, we can look forward to the next (TRUE) millennium - January 1, 2001.

This clock is from timeanddate.com It's counting down to January 19, 2038. The Unix Year 2038 problem.

Updated: 05.28.2020